Phew!! This was a BIG Effort

I recently did a couple of web-pages:

  1. Something nifty with Google Maps API

    This was a LOT of fun. The API is excellent, though poorly documented. In the process I learnt how to do Geocoding, some AJAX and a bunch of other things.

    It was curious how I got started on this. My friend Munish Singla asked me for the whereabouts of another friend. I did not have the latest coordinates of the latter, so I looked up Google and got a few hits, which I provided to him. Singla then remarked that he thought my database would have the lates details. Since my database was stone-dead for the last few years, I decided to pinch an idea that another friend Vaibhav had earlier and I went about implementing it.

    The output speaks for itself, I guess. The next steps would be to add things like photos, employer’s name and a self-service site, but those can wait.

  2. A WordPress Theme for this site
    This was tough. I had the same blog at Blogger, but my main gripe with it was that I never could figure out how to do my own theme. WordPress seemed much better organized, and the fact that I own my domain helps. However the layout of my homepage doesn’t lend itself very well to reuse, particularly with blogs. Again, the result speaks for itself! By the way, the background that I have used here is based on Iceman’s Emulation Page. Though I had to change a lot of things, including some icons, I really liked the background of the original, so I used it.



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