A Sampling of Spam

My spam blocker does a pretty decent job of keeping out unwanted comments on my blog. Once in a while though, I love going through the list of comments that it has marked as spam, just for a laugh. Here is a small sample of the kind of comments I have seen. Italicized text in the quotes has been inserted by me.

  • The simply obvious ones talk about offering supplies of medicines, dubious or otherwise, that will help typical hot-blooded men keep up with their reputations of being typically hot-blooded while indulging in various nocturnal activities that I shan’t mention here for fear of being tackled by search engines on grounds of sensitive content.
  • There is this one which lures people with an ego waiting to be pampered:
    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

    Huh? In response to me announcing that I will be no longer writing on Blogger.com? Of course, the link of the author is really what the author wants approved, for SEO reasons.

  • Yet another one on the same lines as above:
    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

    Thanks for the undying fealty, but I will not approve your comment! Particularly since it was to my announcement of a new release of a WP theme.

  • This one tries a somewhat similar approach:
    I’m new and felt the need to make a brand new thread to acquaint myself. My name is Maryann <or Katie, or Beth or whatever – the name is probably algorithmically generated> and I stumbled here by a fast search and preferred to just say howdy. I would enjoy engaging in future day discussions and look ahead to talking with all.

    My best hobby is <some link that I just had to edit>

    Nice try. Up to this point I have had 11 distinct people comment on my blog, of which only 3 people have had multiple comments. The rest have all made solo comments. Wonder what kind of discussions you are looking forward to, when the highest number of comments I have had on any post is 4!! BTW, this is a classic con that has a lot of people without spam blockers falling for it. In general, the more generic the comment and the more commercial the website, the bigger the chances are that the comment is bogus.

  • Then there are comments written entirely in Russian:
    Хочу связать свое будущее с информационными технологиями, достаточно ли курсов или надо учится в универе несколько лет чтобы стадь хорошим специалистом ?

    Now I am fairly resourceful and by cursorily looking at the introductory pages of various books from Mir Publishers that I religiously read in preparation for my Engineering entrance, I got a good enough handle of the Cryllic script to do some transliteration (и -> i, н -> n, ф -> f / ph, о -> o, р -> r, м -> m, а -> a, ц -> sh etc.). But whatever alerted to the comment author of this fact? And why would I accept Russian comments on my blog when I can only scratchily read the language and not understand it? By the way, I did a Babelfish translation of this comment. Apparently the author is looking for information on university courses in information technology for purposes of specialization.

  • I couldn’t figure this one out:
    Yeh right.. great post, Thank You

    The above, when read with emphasis on certain sections (Yeh right), would seem as though the author is mocking me. Oh, well.


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