Down Memory Lane – The BTech96 YearBook

A sudden burst of nostalgia prompted me to pen down my first experience developing a social network. Back in 1999-2000 I wrote a framework for the yearbook of my undergraduate class in the Computer Science Department at IIT-Delhi, without the use of a database and strong security. Another reason for writing the article so may years later was to use Joomla. But more about Joomla in a later post. Hope the yearbook story inspires you.

2 Responses to “Down Memory Lane – The BTech96 YearBook”

  1. Hi Sayontan

    It’s almost two years now that I passed out from college, and perhaps the most cherished phase of my four years was when I was the ed-in-chief of the first edition of our college souvenir. It was I who developed the concept, I who did most of the ideation and all that. And why am I telling you that? Because I had stumbled upon your yearbook during my online research into other colleges’ yearbooks, and had loved it so much! It had been such a wonderful read, and I had so enjoyed reading the funny testimonials everyone had given about everybody. The camaraderie that your yearbook showed had become a goal for me…i told myself I wanted to capture it in mine too. So, this is just to tell you (belatedly :-)) that it was a great work! 🙂

    • Japinder,
      Thanks very much for your comment! I had been hoping others would use the concept and am glad to learn that you did!


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