Buckling Under the Load

The last few weeks have been really strenuous. Case in point – I could not play Holi because I had to be on call. And the sad thing is that the weeks up to 17th April are going to be just as bad if not worse. For one, I am working 7 days a week. Officially. That means no tennis on Saturdays and no badminton on Sundays. And no experimental cooking for Tanuka in my free time. And no playing or watching movies with Aikataan on most days :-(. That really hurts. And I have to put my tribute series to cricketers on hold. Again. Just when I was getting warmed up. But I guess I will be back soon. And maybe I will sneak something in at times – like I am doing here, waiting for some folks to return from their lunch break. After all I already have the material – the dressing up of the content is what is taking time.

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