The Urban Legend of Process Improvement by Flies

I once received an email about how men’s urinals at the Amsterdam Schipol airport have pictures of a fly on them. Apparently having such a picture causes some subconscious compulsion in men to aim better, resulting in lower costs of cleaning. I had a hard time believing, though, that such pictures were indeed present. That was till my most recent trip to India via Singapore’s Changi Airport.

While making a trip to a restroom in the recently completed Terminal 3 (it was opened to the public on 9th January, 2008), I noticed that there was indeed a fly painted on the urinals.

Do you see it?
Do you see it?

Do you see it now?
Do you see it now?

I checked a few other restrooms in the terminal – all had this feature. Quick research using the (free) internet available at the airport told me that some terminals at the JFK International Airport in New York too have this feature.

I didn’t try to visit the older terminals to see if they had this design. As it is I received some what-a-weirdo stares from the janitors when I tried to take these pictures with my phone.

2 Responses to “The Urban Legend of Process Improvement by Flies”

  1. This is the most random posting ever…
    But it made me laugh.
    I love how the creative mind works to change human behavior.
    Question – Did you hit the fly?
    Just wondered if you are markman level.

  2. I think I did. I was too bemused by the fly to notice, anyway!

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