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Something that I have noticed in common across all my projects in consulting so far:

The Consultant Mixer - The Art of Proposals

The Consultant Mixer - The Art of Proposals

There is obviously a market for a proposal generator. Wonder when someone will come up with the consulting equivalent of SCIgen’s “An Automatic CS Paper Generator“.

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  1. Sayontan – Hope all is well man. Awesome post! I love the link to the SCIgen. I actually tried it out and created a research paper with me, my wife and my 3 year old son as the authors. I must say… it looked pretty legit! I might even submit it to some conferences 🙂 j/k. Love the blog man; I actually just subscribed to it. MJ

    • Manoj,
      Good to hear from you – how’s work?
      You probably have read this in their article and blog – the SCIgen folks actually have submitted the papers generated by their software to a bunch of conferences. Their blog talks about these instances in great detail. I was in fact surprised (and disappointed) that Elsevier fell for the ruse – Elsevier at one time was a reputed publisher of a lot of good books.



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