What was that, CBS?

I just finished watching the Roger Federer vs Juan Martin Del Potro US Open 2009 final and needless to say, I am a bit upset with Federer’s defeat. But all the same, full credit to Del Potro for taking the fight to Federer and fully capitalizing on the #1’s errors.

However, the post match presentations on CBS are what got me annoyed. The presenter Dick Enberg first joked a bit with Federer, and after Federer gave his acceptance speech and took his trophy, the champion was called. And I was really shocked with the way Dick Enberg handled him. He first asked him a couple of questions, then Del Potro said, “Can I say something in Spanish?” Enberg ignored him saying, “We are running out of time”, then called one of the heads of Lexus (a sponsor, of course) to give Del Potro the keys to the car he won. He then had the awards given to Del Potro and was about to sign off, when Del Potro again asked, “Can I say something in Spanish?” This time Enberg said, “We are running out of time, so a few quick words…” (or something to that effect). Del Potro finally got to speak for about 20s in Spanish and even got teary-eyed at the end of it.

Is this what a 20-year old Grand Slam winner gets for beating the 5-time defending champion? We are running out of time? It wasn’t as though Del Potro was verbose anyway. Why exactly was CBS running out of time? Had they expected the match to be shorter given Federer’s record against Del Potro?

Don’t know if too many others noticed this, but it surely stuck out like a sore thumb.

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  1. Hey man… I thought I was the only one in millions who noticed that low class act. Totally, absolutely agree with you. Dick Enberg was a complete jerk. His actual words were (after Del Potro REQUESTED PERMISSION to speak in spanish… FOR THE SECOND TIME FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!!!): “OK, He wants to say a few words in spanish VERY QUICKLY”… I mean… what the hell???

    Del Potro briefly thanked his team again and then dedicated his triumph to his parents, to Julieta, who I assume is his sister, to his grandmother (that’s when he almost breaks down in tears) and rest of his fans back home, in Argentine.

    And there goes “Dick” Enberg again: “OK, now the trophy…”

    I was a bit shocked too with Federer’s defeat, but it was impossible to acknowledge Del Potro’s amazing effort, I mean, after being down 2 sets against the number 1. I think we just watched the rising of a great tennis star.

    And to CBS presentator, “Dick” Enberg…. I know he likes it very quickly, so:


    in Spanish too (IF I MAY): JÓDETE IDIOTA!

    • Alex,
      Thanks for stopping by. I guess this was exactly the ending the US Open needed, after Serena’s outburst. Funnily enough, they let women’s runner-up Wozniacki thank the fans in three different languages and the poor guy who achieved a much more difficult feat only barely got to speak.


  2. Yes, I noticed it.

    Same comment. It was all about sponsorship and TV time. They had to get the big Lexus announcement in. He had $$$ in his brain the whole time. It was pretty pitiful.

    But del Potro’s speech in Spanish was touching…And that’s what he needed to do. That’s what came from his gut – and when he started crying.

    • I wonder how they ran out of time, though. Given that the last time these two played it went to 5 sets and given Del Potro’s demolition of Nadal, it was to be expected that the match would be a fight one way or the other. It seems like they didn’t think it would go over 4 hours and hence the scramble at the end of it all.

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